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XX Software Technology Co., Ltd. of  Xingsha Economic Development Zone is located , the technology research and development of a set of large sites, network marketing software R & D as well as the network marketing service in one of the high-tech software companies is one of a handful of domestic enterprises to master the core technology in the field of network marketing software, bulk software, web crawler, a large construction site. Relying on the company's core technology, products for different industries, different sizes, different applications and solutions. At the same time, we have the perfect network infrastructure services, to businesses or individuals to provide domain name registration, web hosting, business offices, website acceleration, database, cloud host network infrastructure services. The company has an extremely rich passion, technical top team, composed of a number of years of software development experience and network marketing experience in the professional and technical personnel. ……【more】
  • 03-26 2013
    Hucha should revive "red" and "black"

    “ Hubei tea red and black home is solid, should focus on development。 Liu Nianyan, a famous doctor of tea science from the Ministry of Agriculture, held a large-scale tea culture activity organi。。。

  • 03-26 2013
    Four green one red, Jiangxi's second card is called tea.

    Tea is a leaf. When it first met with human beings, it was regarded as a prescription for detoxification. Thousands of years ago, it turned into a delicious drink through Chinese hands. Tea is a kind ...

  • 03-26 2013
    Anxi tea enterprises can handle production licenses in the near future from next month.

    “ from next month, Anxi tea enterprises will have to make a special trip to the central city without processing the production license. Recently, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration issue...

  • 03-26 2013
    Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University sets the first international tea standard

    Reporters learned from the Tea College of Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University yesterday that the 25th International Tea Standardization Conference held in Japan voted to formally establish the...

  • 03-26 2013
    Oolong tea Nouveau: Red Oolong

    Nbsp: recently, a friend of Taiwan sent me a few samples of tea to taste and evaluate. he did not say what tea he sent. after receiving the samples, he observed that the shape of the tea was not diffe...

  • 03-26 2013
    Restoring tea is really good.

    In the past two years, the price of Pu'er tea has been stirred up again in some areas of Yunnan Province, and some so-called experts stand on the narrow interests of individuals or small groups, and i。。。

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